“Your staff are all welcoming and helpful . . . the boutique is
wonderfully stocked with everything a yogi could need.”
—Michael Franti

Come shop locally and globally with us!

Some pieces we could only find in the heart of the local area, while others would only be found in the busy markets of India. These hand-picked pieces of furniture, clothing and more offer you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that can transport you around the world in a moment of time.

The boutique carries items that stir the soul.
Our hope is as we share these special items they will bring the same spark of joy and inspiration to your life that they brought to us when we discovered them.

You Belong

Are you living your yoga?


breathe's Living Yoga Program Is IRRESISTIBLE!

Admit it! You are just a happier person when you do yoga!
Yoga helps us get centered in ourselves.

It makes us feel better physically and mentally. It makes us nicer to be around.
That's why we want more people doing more yoga-
it makes the world a better place!

Our goal at breathe is to make Living Yoga so irresistible that you can't say no to yoga. Look at the benefits of Living Yoga and sign up now!

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