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Congrats to our 40 Day-ers!


Our Spring 2012 40 Days Challenge started off on April 16th with 140 participants who were ready to move their lifestyles to a new and healthier level by committing to 5 studios per week, plus one weekly workshop on yoga and nutrition.

On May 27th, 68 yogis crossed the finish line! This was the most transformational and enthusiastic group ever. Thank you to all who participated and a major congrats to the following yogis who made it to the end!

Catherine Accordo
Marjorie Allan
Alison Ayres
Ryan Barry
Stephanie Bertsch
Jillian Birnie
Claudia Birrittella
Dana Buccieri
Meg Burkhard
Irene Burnet
Chelsea Carl
Sheena Corrigan
Madie Coughlin
Molly Cummings
Andy Dillon
Paula Doyle
Melissa Englert
Linnea Erickson
Rose Feor
Hannah Gandell
Lily Gandell
Nadia Gooray
Wendy Helbig
Shannon Heller
Lisa Hughes
Elise Hughey
Elisabeth Kennedy
Ariane Krenichyn
Heidi Kroft
Bridget Larimer
Carrie Layhee
Lisa Leverett
Marilyn Ling
Scott Loftus
Mike Lohmaier
Eileen Lynd-Balta
Alexis MacDonald
Patty Magee
Deborah Mangiamele
Suzanne Mason
Maggie Mazur
Katherine McCullough
Jen Meli
Leann Michael
Betsy Molak
Kate Morris
Bryn Nakamura
Aaron Olden
Kathy Perrault
Kimberly Pulhamus
Leah Quesada
Joanne Quevedo
Molly Ranney
Jennifer Riehle
Caitlin Rutherford
Karen Shuler
Pam Smith
Kristin Smith
Brenn Stacey
Kelly Steamer
Jennifer Streeter
Patricia Thibeau
Amy Voelkl
Cyndi Weis
Betsy Wiant
Darren Yehl
Will Young

This program was hugely popular, so we WILL offer it again. Stay tuned to when we release the new dates for Fall 2012!

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