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breathe yoga® is a treasure in upstate NY! The energy of the studio is fantastic, the community is friendly and activated. What did I LOVE, the food!!! Santino and his crew are amazing. The Buddah bowl, the Acai Bowl, The Chili....this is the kind of place that every city needs!!! Nourish your soul with breathe yoga®!!!

Jamie Ginsberg - Cleveland Groove

I wanted to take a moment to express how incredible I feel after finishing the "Breathe" juice cleanse.

I decided to cleanse because I wanted to get back on track with eating healthy again. I felt the discipline of following the cleanse would help me achieve that goal. I consider myself to be a very healthy and active 34 year old and I love, love, love to sweat! I am also an adventurous foodie so I knew this was going to be quite the challenge.

I decided to ween myself off of caffeine 4 days before the cleanse but I did experience headaches and fatigue on Day 2 and 3. I powered through with the help of all of your different smoothies, juices and supplements that I consumed throughout the day. I never felt truly hungry, just different. In fact on Day 4 I felt like I could keep going.

I absolutely love the way I feel right now and I want to continue supplementing my current eating pattern with juice. Do you offer any type of post cleanse class that helps us incorporate juicing into ones daily routine? My skin is beaming and I've received compliments on how healthy I look and I know it's because of all the incredible nutrients and antioxidants that I was pumping through my body.

I've never felt better and I want to continue to feel this way in the future.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Amy Navor

Amy Navor

breathe® came into my life last summer when I was just coming out of a very difficult 6 months, at a time when I was feeling emotionally, physically, and spiritually weak, breathe® gave me strength. It was not only growing in my practice and being able to go deeper into Warrior Two with each passing class that made me feel so strong, it was the encouragement and support of my wonderful instructors. At breathe® I was constantly reminded to be at peace, and to let go of the thoughts that were keeping me from seeing the beauty in life. breathe® taught me that every morning you wake up you have the opportunity to create a beautiful day. This simple lesson has truly transformed my life. I no longer dwell on negative thoughts, they’ve been replaced with self-affirmations. I have replaced any trace of self-pity with gratitude. The need to find happiness has vanished, and a desire to create happiness has taken over. I’ve practiced at other studios, but there is something truly magical about Breathe. You walk into the welcoming studio surrounded by the sweet smell of essential oils and know you’re home. Home to a place that will challenge you on and off the mat. Home to a place that will help you grow. Thank you to everyone at Breathe, you are truly remarkable!

Katie Green

Whenever I visit Rochester, I try to attend as many yoga classes as I can. I have learned many valuable lessons at breathe® and really appreciate how kind and helpful all of the staff is. I have taken classes at many different studios around the country and breathe® truly stands out. The thought of attending classes at breathe® makes me eagerly anticipate my next trip to the Rochester area.

Pete Rob, Nome, Alaska

I'm sure that you receive emails like this all the time but I can't let another day pass without saying thank you...

I first walked into breathe® about a month and a half ago and I felt the warmth the moment I walked in. I had never taken a yoga class before and on a recommendation from a friend I came to you for that experience. From that first class with Mary E. I knew that I had found my place.

I have been intrigued by yoga and the emotional/spiritual development that goes hand in hand with it for a long time. I had practiced a bit at home with DVD's and done some reading on the subject but never found the strength to commit to it until breathe. I can't tell you how much this has meant to me. As a single mother of a 10 year old girl, finding the time alone has always been difficult. Now I feel like I get so much from spending 75 minutes in your studio that i can't believe I have ever lived without. I have found strength (mental and physical) and patience and gratitude and the ability to spread the word. Even if just to my daughter, my partner, my closest friend. I have found something that is helping me grow.

So thank Cyndi and Carly and Lisa and Mary and to the sweet sweet woman who scans my card and knows my name (even though I don't know hers). You are doing an amazing thing at breathe. I wish only wonderful things for you and for me as I continue learn and live with you.

Shannon Majewski

To the Staff at breathe,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the classes I attended last week. Lisa and Molly were wonderful teachers and the entire atmosphere of your studio is uplifting and inspiring. breathe® really made my trip to Rochester a more joyous one. I will be sure to be back in the future. Keep up the good work!

Anthony Weiss

I Simply wanted to connect and thank you for taking so much of your time and energy with both Susan and I this week! We truly loved every moment we spent "camping" at breathe!!!

We felt completely welcome and spoiled by the incredible food, clothing choice in the boutique, a facial like no other with total honesty, amazing yoga teachers and staff.

You have impeccable high standards Cyndi and quality of product, We did not want to leave....

My birthday wish list is your retreat in Tulum next year!

I will be strongly encouraging my new staff to take your yoga teacher training program, which I know will be of an incredible high standard of holistic, nurturing learning!

I Hope to see you again soon!

Kerry Bestwick

I wanted to take a moment to thank you this afternoon upon landing from a magical 2 days away at your studio and spa with my dear friend. You truly have created an incredible environment to share your gift with others. As we fell asleep Monday evening I said to Kerry, “ I think I just had a perfect day.” It so was. From the moment we awoke and crossed the canal, entering into an A-Haa moment when arriving at your space, to your gracious hospitality, divine food, breathtaking yoga, a bliss filled facial and a fantastic shopping assortment....oh and more was truly “the perfect day”. I thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful environment for your guests to enjoy.

All the most wonderful and glorious success to you and your daughters as you spread your wings and take flight on the next stop on your journey.

And......I am going to be signing up for your 2011 adventure to Tulum and am oh so very excited!

Susan Brown

“Cyndi has created in breathe® a place for total wellness – body, mind and soul. It’s always an honor to be a guest at breathe® and their commercial kitchen is the perfect venue to share a cooking class and a meal. Whether I’m enjoying vinyasa, the juice bar or teaching CLEAN FOOD, I always leave breathe® feeling centered and nourished.”

Terry Walters, author, CLEAN FOOD

My family relocated to Rochester from Dallas, TX in 2005 and even though we were only there for a short time finding breathe® was a high point for me.  I will never forget a particular class that I was attending which Cyndi was teaching.  At the beginning of class she had everyone in the room tell their name and a little something about themselves.  At the end of class while still sitting with our eyes closed Cyndi personally mentioned each and every person BY NAME and spoke to whatever it was we chose to share.  I admit I peaked to see if she was using notes and she wasn't.  That memory will probably forever stick with me but it is a glowing example of how personally Cyndi takes yoga and each person that chooses to explore it with her and her studio.  I now live in Dallas again and am the proud owner of my own Pilates studio and I often draw upon things I experienced, saw or learned at breathe® for my own space.  I hope to have the same success with impacting people's lives that breathe® has had on me."
Gidget Sipper

I cannot say enough about Breathe! It is a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos that life can sometimes bring. The staff is so genuine and caring! breathe® has been an instrumental part in my healing. It is my sanctuary. I am so grateful that breathe® is part of my community. I am so looking forward to the growth that lies ahead and the new face of breathe® on Main Street. Congratulations!
Anne Strauch, Pittsford, NY

breathe yoga® has a way of feeling genuinely like coming home, so even if I have been out of practice for a few days or months (or more!)- I know I can always come back and settle right in.
Warm wishes,
Jessica Stadt

I normally try to come to class 1-2 times a week (i just live a little far for more than that) and i have loved coming to breathe!!!
i remember my first class when it was still on the first floor,  i was nervous and didnt know what to expect but after only one class i was hooked!!! the instructors make class so friendly to anyone, beginner or expert.  i never feel like i am being judged by anyone in class or teaching and i really appreciate that. 
coming to breathe® has helped me feel more confident in every day life not only by improving my body image but also helping me remember everyone is unique in their own ways and to be confident with who you are as a person.  :)
Alaina Snell

I was encouraged to join breathe® by my trainer and once I got over the initial fear of starting a new thing I have really gained so much. I usually attend class once a week, on Sun. and it serves to enhance me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is wonderful compliment to the other components of my wellness plan and the atmosphere there along with the staff/instructors have made it very positive experience for me.
Alice Smith

I am very excited about the changes at breathe® to me it is a sanctuary of total acceptance, support and appreciate for who we are as individuals and the understanding that as a whole we are more – hoping to get back very  soon
Virginia Cartwright

I was interested in yoga for many years prior to finding Breathe.  I always liked yoga but something missing.  I was not fully committed to a yoga practice; it was something I did sporadically.  Yoga was not a path.  At Breathe, I feel a true sense of community.  Yoga has become a path for me.  I don't know where it is leading me, but I know that it is the right path.  I am committed to the yoga I practice at breathe® because I feel that it is holistic.  I am moving in harmony with all of the aspects of yoga: mind, body and spirit.  I love entering the breathe yoga® studio, unrolling my mat, and just letting go.??Thank you Cyndi for providing the vision for such a wonderful place:)
Lorri Ballard

What I love most about breathe® is that classes are offered at all hours every day of the week.  It's not always easy to fit my yoga practice into my day. With your schedule I can always find some time for my well being after family and work obligations have been met. 
Mary Beth Robinson-Vay

I practiced vinyasa at breathe® for about 3 years, and then relocated to Connecticut.  Although I have found a new yoga studio here in CT, breathe® will always hold a special place in my heart.  I started coming to breathe® right after I became engaged to my husband in 2005.  I wanted to get in shape - to look and feel fabulous for my wedding day of course!  However, what I discovered at breathe® not only changed the way I felt and looked, it changed my whole outlook on my life.  
I have always been an energetic, A-type personality, goal-oriented girl, so willing myself through the difficult poses during class was not a problem. --But after a few months, I realized it wasn't so much about my own stubbornness and competition with myself to get through class, it really was more about the incredible reward of absorbing the energy that yoga has brought into my life. Through my vinyasa practice, I found an inner strength I didn't even know existed before.  Like I said before- I've never considered myself weak- in fact, everyone that knows me well would tell you I have always approached tough times in my life like a charging bull.  My yoga practice has taught me that I can embrace that "charging bull" side of myself, and also invite the energy of stillness.  In other words, I don't have to change who I am, but I am free to expand my whole self, and grow more fully into the full spirit I am capable of being.  
Thanks for the sweat, the heat and the wisdom!
All the best,
Katie Lewek

I just want to express my thanks to breathe® for all that you are and continue to become.
I so appreciate the time, money and commitment you have made to your business and therefore the practice of many yogis. Often times during my week I give quiet thanks that you continue to thrive.
Thank you for continuing to teach and inspire all of those you enter your door.
Congratulations on the awesome expansion!
With love and appreciation
Dana Buccieri

I just turned 45 and I want to revitalize my body and soul. Since turning 40, I allowed my body to change and this has frustrated me, so I'm hoping to strengthen my body and soul. Attending class once a week works for me right now. I teach at Penfield High School and the 4:30 class suits my schedule most Thursdays. When I have a meeting conflict, I will attend class on Sundays at 8:30. The entire atmosphere at breathe® is inviting. See you in class.
Dina Stathopoulos

As a yoga "newbie" I can say that the Foundations of Yoga class (taught by Molly) was a wonderful introduction to yoga.  It was a comfortable environment to try out a new sport that was different from anything I've ever done.  I love how yoga makes me feel so energized after a class!  Thanks for being there! 
Amy Allen

I came to breathe® not knowing what to expect but looking for myself. I am allowed to be me here. breathe® nurtures me and my practice as my life continues to twist and turn. It is my safe haven for which I am grateful for and long for when I am away.
Good Luck
Gina Keyes

Besides coming to breathe® and enjoying the invigorating physical experience that leaves me feeling limber, calm, and strong, I love the spiritual serendipity that often occurs when the teachers read quotes or passages from various texts. They so often say the "just right thing" at the "just right time" and I leave class feeling renewed, hopeful, and grateful for the little serendipitous gifts that life brings us. breathe® really does strive to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
Trish Johnson (Instructional Design)

I had a Stroke October 12, 2009.  I was lucky- I didn't have any physical disabilities as a result of it.  Unfortunately, the site of the stroke was in the Wernicke Area- which is where all of your language is stored in your brain.  So, I couldn't understand what people were saying to me- nor could I speak, not even my own name!  It was frustrating because the words were in my mind- I could say them to myself...but I couldn't say it to anyone else.
So, here I am 30, the life of every party...and unable to laugh at a joke or make a joke.  The worst part, is I wasn't allowed to do strenuous activity- and here I am thinking, I almost died- and I need to more healthy...but I can't work out!  Anyway, someone encouraged me to try Yoga...I went to another local yoga studio, and I told the instructor my situation- and that I might not understand what she is saying, and I might be slow to get into a pose.  She was almost condescending the rest of my class.  I swore I would never go back to yoga.  I already thought it was extremely intimidating- let alone feeling my self-esteem lower with each pose she corrected me on.  With some encouragement from my mother (they always know best) I went to a class at Breathe.  I was scared, I had already decided not to tell the instructor about my Stroke- after the mean yogi at the other studio.  I was just going to sit there and follow everyone else.  Class started- and while were in Child Pose, Carly said something like, "what I like most about yoga is everyone's practice is different, just because your pose doesn't look exactly like the person next to you doesn't mean you're not doing your best practice" --- it made me feel comfortable, I made it through the class...and I think because I wasn't so worked up about getting it "right" I was able to relax.  Anyway...after the class I went downstairs and signed up for the "New to Yoga-series". 
Also, although the physical benefits have been great...I feel better for sure, there has been some mental benefits too.  As a result of the stroke, I have enhanced hearing (I am talking CIA ability to hear- its freakish), with that- I hear more...meaning I can't filter the difference between background noise and foreground noise...its all at the same level of sound to me.  I am getting better everyday....but sometimes it is extremely overwhelming.  I found that at Breathe, that is the only time my mind has peace.  There are two sounds and that makes it really easy for my mind to rest (the heat and my instructors voice).  Resting my mind, was one of the most important parts of my recovery my speech therapist said, but I wasn't able to because of my hearing.  In fact,, I wasn't able to hear music, because I couldn't differentiate the layers of the music.  BUT, one day at yoga...I think it was Cyndi played a Coldplay song...and BAM there is was...for the first time in months, I was able to hear music!
In the end, I think that breathe® has been an integral part of my path to recovery.  I probably couldn't thank Carly, Suzanne, Cyndi and the friendly staff enough for making my experience at breathe® so pleasant over and over again.

Danielle Coleman

The focus at breathe® is less about "pose perfection", and more about self awareness and being present in the moment. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, yoga at breathe® has awakened my mental and spiritual self to a new and more fulfilling level. This type of awareness and insight is the reason I love Breathe, and sets them apart from everyone else. When life gets out of control, I reflect on a phrase I heard one day in class; "At any given time, you are exactly where you are suppose to be". Now that, is awareness!

Thanks again and namaste,
Noreen Wiatrak RN, MSN

After years of raising three children while juggling my professional world, I realized as a woman in my mid-fifties that I had lost direction in caring for myself. I couldn’t put the pieces together when it came to exercise, diet or a sense of place in this new phase of my life. I also knew that I needed professional help as I was pre-diabetic.
Taking the risk to experience yoga at breathe® took courage as I thought it would end in another failure for me the way aerobics and strength-training had. Expecting another gym format, I was pleasantly surprised to enter into and experience the lifestyle change that I had been seeking. breathe® provided me with a sanctuary for integrating mind/body/spirit with highly trained, compassionate staff in a warm, inviting atmosphere. It provided me with a community of like-minded women who were reclaiming their bodies/vitality in ways they had never experienced before. They literally “breathed” new life into me!
breathe® continues to support me in my new life-style through good times and bad. I can’t thank them enough – especially now that I’m no longer pre-diabetic!
Carol D’Agostino

Aside from the wonderful physical benefits, including strength and flexibility that I have experienced from practicing at Breathe, I am constantly aware of the incredible amount of self-confidence, perspective and general happiness I have gained.  It is truly spectacular to have that "I can conquer anything" feeling every time you walk out the door.  Although, the most amazing thing to me is how the breathe® family has really helped change my perspective on life and how I react in various situations.  And what's more, I've discovered that in daily situations I am constantly challenging myself to remember: What's important?  Does this really matter in the scheme of things?  Should this be a priority? etc.  Answering those questions always seems to put a lot into perspective!??and p.s. I have to admit, I think on a daily basis, and several times a day during various situations, "If so and so went to Breathe, this/they would be much more pleasant!"
Mary Roberts

New to the city, breathe® welcomed me in. Through uncertain times, I could breathe.
In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh "Smile, breathe® and go slowly."

With gratitude.

Om Shanti.
Susan Schneider, M.D.

I stumbled on to breathe® because of a Curly hair painting in the window, what I found when I walked inside the studio was inspiration!
I have a very stressful job, I am used to being in a state of chaos because of my duties at work. What I found at breathe® was how to be... present, relaxed and calm! Wow, what a concept, I thought I could never have experienced it!!
I wish everyone that "A-Ha" moment, when they finally can open their eyes and finally see, feel and just Be!
ALL the staff at breathe® work in perfect harmony, are very genuine and oh so relaxed, a little slice of heaven, right here in Rochester!
I seem to walked a little more slowly, and find myself truly enjoying each day, no matter what it may bring. Does it seem a little extreme, that few yoga classes can transform you, maybe to some.. but they probably have never been to one of your classes!
Lisa Midnight

I have been thinking about what breathe® has meant to me since I first walked in some 18 months ago. I had never attended a yoga class before and, to be honest, thought I wouldn't really have the patience for it, thought I was already in good enough shape and although I had lost a lot of flexibility over the years, well, too bad, it was just gone. Basically, a full complement of pre-conceived notions. On the other hand, we had been in Rochester less than a year, I was lonely and wanted to find a new outlet for myself.

My husband trains with Mary and so I tried Breathe. I was humbled, hooked and incredibly sore after my first Sunday 8:30 class. breathe® is such a welcoming, supportive space. I love that each and every practice is new and challenging and immensely rewarding. I have gained so much more strength than I ever anticipated. There have been unexpected benefits, such as better mobility in a wrist that was broken and pinned a few years ago. And a dramatic reduction in severe tension headaches that I can only attribute to the yoga (I think particularly 'ragdoll'). Plus, and perhaps more importantly, I feel I am part of a community that extends beyond the studio - a community of interesting, talented, engaged people. My daughters even love breathe® - they clammer to stop by for a smoothie and to chat with Aurora. In fact, after I said hello to fellow 40-day participant at Wegmans, one of them exclaimed, "Mommy, you know EVERYBODY from yoga!"

In research, everything is judged. Experiments fail (often), are inconclusive (often), or are successful (occasionally). Happily, nothing and no one is judged at Breathe. The instructors support, they don't critique. And we all benefit and grow.
Ellie Carson-Walter

As a mother of three young boys, i have many moments throughout my days when i feel frazzled, impatient, overwhelmed. yoga has taught me, literally, to just breathe® through those moments, and i have found that i actually possess more patience and calm than i ever thought i had. as i have developed my ability to "stay" in those yoga poses that are a challenge, i have also learned to stay present for my children during those difficult and trying moments when i think i just can't take anymore. when i practice yoga, i am forced into an acceptance of what i am capable of, at the same time that i realize how i can push myself to be better, and i believe this carries over into my day to day life. mostly, when i leave your studio, i feel rejuvenated, focused, grounded - all of which help me to be a better mom!

so thank you for providing an environment that has enriched my life in so many ways.....i am and will be forever grateful!
Katrina Palleschi

Hmmm, where to begin, ah yes, a benchmarking trip with a friend to find a yoga studio we could experience.  This took us to Breathe.  My life really has not been the same since in so many ways, and this place called breathe® has been a foundation for me.  I have been a regular and also one who never shows up.  I experienced breathe® through a secure, yet incredibly challenging job, to transition to other jobs that fed my heart instead of my pocket book, to a choice of a lifestyle that aligned with my values.  All the while, breathe® has been there. 

What breathe® offered (and continues to offer) me:

- Consistency when I needed stability, appreciation to see me even when I did not come as often as “I should/wanted” and  always welcomed me,
- Acceptance of me for who I am and was-Always,
- Innovative especially for a seeker and learner like myself where new ideas and foods, clothes and so on were offered,

Challenging themselves which brought greater opportunities to us,  and most of all Service and Giving – of themselves, to their patrons, and to the community.  This is the most amazing of all.

breathe yoga® - it’s an experience; like breathing, it is nourishing, it is sustaining, and it’s the people who serve there who make it an extraordinary place.
Barb Marasco

Breathe is both a home away from home and my sanctuary.  It is where my second family-my kula-resides.  breathe® is a gift, beyond measure, in my life...filled with peace, love, compassion, unity, authenticity, happiness, and laughter.  It has provided me with endless opportunities for personal growth and true abundance.  My gratitude for breathe® is endless.
Lori Toscano

Since taking classes at breathe® I have discovered a greater confidence and focus in myself that carries over into all that I do. I really enjoy the flexible scheduling and how the instructors encourage us to go beyond the limits we set in our minds. From the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave I always feel welcomed by the staff. It is a great community to belong to, and I am looking forward to continuing classes as well as starting the teacher training when it becomes available.
Mike France

I recently moved to Rochester  from the West where I have lived all my life.  The East is much different from the West and the transition has been a challenging adventure.  I love the West and plan on moving back but the thing I love most about living here is breathe yoga®
The reason breathe® means so much to me is that it is the most relaxing thing I do during the week.  Working as an Ob/Gyn resident means I spend a majority of my life in the hospital.  I love my job but after helping others all day, I need to take some time for myself.  breathe® helps me to leave the stresses of my day, brings me a unique sense of happiness, and helps reenergize me.  I cannot tell you how many times I begin to just smile during class because I am in the moment and there is nowhere else I would rather be. 
I also enjoy breathe yoga® because of the physical aspect.  The workout is as rigorous as any and has been an important supplement to other activities I enjoy.  I used to have knee problems when running but they have resolved since I began regularly attending Breathe.  Yoga has also helped me improve my balance for skiing.  I used to have “chicken arms” but now my arms actually have some muscles!
The people at breathe yoga® are a vital part of the experience.  From the moment you walk in the door, you feel welcome.  The instructors are top notch, personable, and more than anything else, fun.  They create an environment where you feel comfortable doing yoga to the best of your ability.
I cannot say enough good things about breathe yoga®; it is a vital part of me.
Holly Sato

The breathe® community brought me back into myself. After living in New York City, working at a speed faster than light, breathe® brought me back to my basics. The community fills me with love and support and the classes have opened my heart. I have yet to find any studio that compares and integrates this thing we call yoga into every ounce of my life.
Kaelyn Langer

I took my first class at breathe yoga® in February 2008, three months after I had part of my colon removed.  I practice two times a week, on the average, primarily taking the beginner power vinyasa classes.  I also enjoy a Saturday regular power vinyasa class every once in awhile.  Practicing yoga at breathe® has helped me in both my personal and professional life.  Personally, I am able to “not sweat the small stuff” by bringing my breathing and focus on my inner self to the forefront.  I’ve learned to let a lot of irrelevant issues pass by instead of become stressed.  I am providing my body with healthy foods when my body needs some fuel to continue with the day.  I am now able to better focus on the gift of life and appreciate the small things, like the birds chirping, the snow glistening, the voices of little children playing, the warmth of the sun, a smile.   I’m just a happier healthier person overall and I love this feeling!  Professionally, yoga has helped me to think positively at work.  I am better able to focus on the task at hand in this multi-tasking society.   Meeting last minute deadlines isn’t a big deal anymore but rather a challenge to be productive while enjoying the moment.  The feeling of this powerful inner peace brings me an enormous amount of great comfort, thanks to yoga.  Thank you breathe yoga® for being there for me.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey.  It’s so much fun!
Carole Schwarz

breathe® is a place where I come to go deeply into my own yoga practice. I know I will be supported in doing what is right for me and invited to come right up into the present moment over and over. The classes here are a perfect balance of instruction, inspiration and space to be.
 What I most love about breathe® is the heartfulness of the practice and the invitation to grow. I always emerge from savasana refreshed, connected and feeling deeply blessed.
  breathe® is where I come to be at center, strong, flexible and enjoying the moment. It's where I come to be challenged and where I come to be supported in being as I am. What a gift!
 As a yoga instructor, I take classes all over town for my professional development. Coming to breathe® is my top priority as I receive so much more than information; I get inspiration.
 As a holistic health practitioner and educator, I know the value of taking care of mind, emotions, body and spirit. At Breathe, all aspects of who I am are embraced, supported and healed.
Dylan Mariah

Yoga in its most fundamental essence can be perceived as a series of movements.  However in my opinion yoga is much more.  Yoga is an experience and the energy of the studio is critically important in that experience.  I have had the pleasure of doing yoga in many places both in and outside of Rochester, and I have found that the energy of the studio at breathe® is something I have not had any place else.  A true reflection of the space and the instructors.
Doug Hendee

breathe yoga® is a place where I find can peace, inner strength, and spirit. It is a welcoming place encouraging community and personal growth. I feel younger, stronger, and in harmony with my core when I practice at Breathe. Thank you for providing a healthy, holistic, warm and welcoming studio!
Lisa Maynard

When I stepped foot into breathe® 2 years ago it was on a dare/encouragement from my sister and sister-in-law who had already practiced yoga for a few years. Although my first experience was far from graceful, it made me want to come back and try more. After over two years of breathe® I can honestly say I have found a whole new work out. Yoga is not just physically demanding, but mentally as well. I love the early morning classes and leave the studio with a sense of calm, peacefulness and energy all at the same time. With three very active little boys at home that is so important to making me a nicer mommy!
Thank you for providing a place that has allowed me to go on a journey I didn’t even know I needed.
Stacey Smith

breathe® is “Heaven on Earth” because of its warmth, hospitality and professionalism.
Art Hirst

I come to breathe® for a place of peace and pure relaxation. I take care of others at their most difficult time in their lives and of course, it affects me as I am human. breathe® is my place to heal my sorrow and pain that I see and feel daily. Thank you for giving me a place that helps my body and mind "breathe".
Katie Hebert

I tried the Bikram Yoga studio nearby my new home... i am trying to keep an open mind about the practice however it is much different then I am used to at Breathe.  I have not been studying Yoga long or taken classes many places so I do not have a broad knowledge of it.  I can tell you this, I miss breathe® and the wonderful instructors.  At breathe® I feel a part of a family and I wanted to tell you - I CANT WAIT TO COME HOME and to my mat at Breathe.
Carin Adams

I started coming to breathe® when I signed up for the 40 days program in the fall of 2007 and it was a truly life changing experience. The instructors and people at the studio helped me to find my truly authentic self and I can never repay what they have given me. Yoga, and the instruction I received at Breathe, allowed me to find my true center, and it continues to shape the way I live my life now. I found the courage and the wisdom to follow my own path and will be eternally grateful to breathe® for showing me how to have faith and trust in my self. It is a true community and  I have come to see many people there as family."
Amanda Padgham

Since finding breathe® and becoming a Sunday morning regular, I have found a welcome source of respite, introspection, and physical strength. As I've pushed my body to take on new challenges and risks, I find that I am also doing the same in my life. This is yoga like no other I've experienced. The instructors use words to help connect the physical stretching of our bodies to the need to stretch out of our comfort zone in our daily lives. It's been a unique experience and one that I hope to immerse myself in more and more for years to come.
Jennifer Mancuso

Being at breathe® was the most relaxing aspect of my week.. Unfortunately, lately, I haven't had time for myself!!   As soon as I get things back in order, I'll be back to Breathe.
Joanne Zurakowski

Rochester is LUCKY to have you. WOW! What a bright light!
Sending love and let me know when you're ready for another yogini to come through ; )
I would love to soak up some of YOUR juice. You are amazing.
Ashley Turner

breathe yoga® is simply the best Yoga studio I have ever found, and I have been doing Yoga since I was a teenager and took my first class with my mother, now 91 years young!    Not only do their classes foster incredible personal growth and fitness, but they offer a full array of nutrition, healthy food, fashion, beauty, constantly improving facilities, retreats and other amazing surprises -- all designed to make it easy and fun to be fit.  ??breathe yoga® has personally greatly impacted my life and the lives of thousands of others.  It has been invaluable in making me a more energetic, healthy, and happy individual.  I cannot thank the owners and staff of breathe yoga® enough, who are all friendly, helpful, professional, and kind.  They have been instrumental in making me the very best I can be.  I now have the opportunity through breathe yoga® to pass along the joys and benefits of a Yoga-rich lifestyle to my daughter, and also frequently recommend breathe® to friends looking for a terrific Yoga studio with so much more.  Thank you, Breathe, and keep up the great work you do fostering health and happiness to all who enter her beautifully designed studios! 
Joy Bennett

Breathe is my antidote to civilization.
Leah Quesada

My name is Norman Beck.  I teach second grade, workout daily, and coach boxing.  I first tried yoga in the summer of 2007 after constant request from a friend to join him at breathe yoga® Studio in Pittsford.? ?I remember that first class on a Saturday Morning.  I had heard about yoga and seen classes before.  I was expecting a relaxing class of stretching.  Well that was only a very small part of what became a regular part of not only my workout routine, but my life.? ?The Power Vinyasa classes which I have taken for the past 2 years have become a key ingredient to my physical, spiritual, and emotional balance.  The class challenges me physically, enriches me spiritually, and inspires my emotional freedom.  At the end of the class I always have a feeling of peace and fulfillment.  And as I get in my car I have a very deep feeling of satisfaction and pride that I'm doing something so good for my mind, body, and soul.
Norman Beck

Tom and I look forward to our visits to Rochester from our home in Boston not only to see family, friends and clients, but also to make a class or two at Breathe. Cyndi always welcomes us like "regulars", even though our visits are sporadic. We slip right in and feel at home while we wring out our minds and bodies from the stress of our travels. Because our visits are so packed when we come to town, it says a lot about our experience at Breathe that we make every effort to squeeze a class in too! 
Tom and Elizabeth Mullard

For me, breathe® is absolutely essential for a healthy life-style.
Midge Marshall

breathe® enables me to leave the bad at the door when I walk in and focus on the good, both inside of me and inside the breathe® community.  I have many doubts in my life, what I am positive about is the advice and methods I have learned at Breathe. My life has drastically changed because of your establishment, and while you have probably never heard me say this "thank you" I only wish is that I had more time to spend their.
Sam Taylor

breathe® has welcomed me with open arms and has never let me go!  At breathe® it is nice to walk in and everyone knows your name, recognizes when you’re away, and embraces you when you return.  breathe® feels like home
Mandy Ziegelmann

I have been practicing vinyasa yoga for about 8 years, studio hopping around New York City and Brooklyn. I recently relocated to Pittsford and began to practice at Breathe. The classes are wonderful, both creative and challenging. But I was most impressed by the personal aspect of breathe: teachers and fellow students where welcoming and encouraging.  After only a few classes I started to feel like a member of a dynamic and positive community. It was a wonderful welcome to a new home and is now an integral part of my life.
Ramsey Stevens

As the name implies, it’s simple yet profound…. Function meets fashion in an aesthetic café of happy people who get to do what they love!
Austin J. Gilbert

I started practicing yoga at breathe® in December of 2006, and I was hooked on the Baptiste style of yoga after my FIRST class. After two years of practicing yoga regularly at breathe, I feel like a new person.  I love Baron's phrase "it's all the mat". My life OFF the mat has been greatly influenced and enhanced by what happens ON the mat.  My annual yoga pass is the best gift I've ever given myself, and has become a priority and a necessity for me. And let's not forget that on the coldest of winter days, breathe® is the warmest place in Rochester!
Mandy Applin

When I walk into breathe, I'm always greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. The yoga is fantastic and I always leave feeling refreshed and recharged. It is clear that the whole breathe® family is passionate about bringing health and wellness to the Rochester community.
Kristen Gilbert

breathe® is the place where I learned that it's my practice. And judgment was not ever cast.? breathe® is the place that I look forward to come home to every week-end after a week of travel.? breathe® has peeled away layers of stress.... ?Oh I could go on!
Laura Elder

Yoga at breathe® has changed my life…spiritually and physically. From the moment I enter breathe® I'm greeted with a warm smile from everyone there. When I initially walked through the door at breathe® over 6 years ago I had chronic back pain.  Through practice and teachers who embraced me and attended to my needs I am virtually pain free. I attribute this to feeling of being a part of this yoga family. The instructors have always shown love and encouragement. Thanks
Ken Silvio

breathe® has the ability to make sense in your life when nothing else does. Being new the area about two years ago a friend introduced me to breathe. I am forever fortunate. breathe® has the capacity to allow yourself to a better life.
Heather Cushing

For 3 years, breathe® has been my beacon in the storm, my oasis in the desert.
Dan Walsh

" breathe® is the perfect name not only for the Yoga Studio of Cyndi Weis, but also for Cyndi herself and the work that she does. Cyndi is truly a breath of fresh air, and she brings that to everything she does and says. In a world that often times feels overwhelming and rushed, Cyndi’s approach invites us to center, feel the corners of our mouths begin to smile, and our heart’s expand with joyous deep breath that reminds us what a gift and miracle it is to be alive. "
Julia Butterfly Hill

breathe® sets the bar for yoga in the Rochester community. Once you experience the dedicated instructors, restorative energy and consistent customer service you are spoiled for life.
Amy Miller

breathe® is more than a yoga studio, it is a lifestyle experience- providing excellent yoga, organic food, and health and wellness products for the body and home. Everything at breathe® has been created with genuine care and an interest in quality. I'm so proud of the Weis family for their commitment to bringing these health and wellness services to their community.
Seane Corn

Just wanted to let you all know what a fantastic time I had at breathe. Your staff are all welcoming and helpful, your juices and kitchen are deliciously nutritious, the store is wonderfully stocked with everything a yogi could need and the yoga RAWKS!!!

Big love to all the BREATHERS!
Michael Franti

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