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Your Opportunity to Make a Difference with an Innovative Yoga Franchise

With the increasing popularity of yoga the U.S. and more awareness around eating local and organic foods, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of an innovative, revolutionary franchise concept, which combines yoga, nutrition and retail.

The breathe yoga® franchise is about more than just yoga.

The breathe® business model is teachable, replicable, and scalable. It caters to a broad customer and student base; from long-time yoga enthusiasts to beginners, young students or older working professionals, male or female – everyone is welcome.

breathe® provides students and customers the ability to choose single yoga classes or a fully integrated experience, including yoga classes, nutritious smoothies or meals, organic skin care products, and fine retail shopping.

Best of all, the breathe yoga® franchise means opportunity for YOU. Multiple potential revenue streams, a growth-oriented year-round business cycle, plus the ability to make a positive impact on individual lives and the world as a whole through community involvement and charitable donations, all add up to a franchise opportunity unlike any other.

Contact us today and find out if the breathe yoga® franchise could be the right opportunity for you. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request a brochure, or contact us at (585) 248-9070 or

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