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class information

Yoga can be as much or as little as you want it to be. For some it is purely a physical pursuit — keeping the body toned, strong and flexible. For others, yoga becomes more of a mindset and a way of living. Whatever your reason or your level of experience — we welcome you to breathe. We offer beginner, gentle, and open level classes in Foundations and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. breathe® is proud to be an affiliate studio of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.

power vinyasa basics

A great way to ease into power vinyasa classes. This class will demystify power vinyasa by breaking the sequence down and teaching modifications. Done in an 85-90 degree room.

power vinyasa

An energetic practice that blends sweat, strength and flexibility in a class that thoroughly tones the body and disciplines the mind. Done in an 85-90 degree room.


A combination of meditation, gentle yoga poses and supported postures using bolsters and blankets. A great way to wind-down and rejuvenate for yogis of all levels.


This class will provide the mechanics to help you build healthy poses. This class is in a non-heated studio and is tailored for students who are looking for a more fundamental, slower-paced practice.

levels of expertise

For students with little to no yoga experience, a steady and informative practice.

For students who prefer a more restorative practice or who have physical limitations or conditions.

For students of all levels who are ready to experience a more challenging class.

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