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juice cleanse

Juice cleansing is a “stay-cation” for the body. Even with the best of intentions, living in our modern-day world we eat, breathe® and absorb toxins on a daily basis. The body has a brilliant detoxification system in place, but we can easily overload that system, leaving us feeling less than optimal. During a juice cleanse, the nutrient flooding the body are coming from 100% organic produce in a form (juice) that asks very little of the body in terms of digestion. Without the constant workload of digesting proteins and fats - not to mention chemicals, caffeine, alcohol, preservatives, etc. – the blood and nutrients are free to move to the brain, skin, liver, etc., taking care of the neglected issues our body hasn’t had time to properly attend to.

For more details on our 3-Day Juice Cleanse options, click the pdf. We offer juice cleanses at our Pittsford, Webster and Greece locations. For more information on the Greece juice cleanse, please click on this link: Juice Cleanse Flyer_Greece

Register in advance to ensure your spot. Please stop in - our juice bar staff would love to answer any questions, help you with filling out the menu and suggest smoothies/juices for you to try!

"We make our habits and then our habits make us".

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