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kitchen and nutrition

At breathe, we truly believe that people want to eat well....every day. That eating healthy shouldn't be a science project or something you do on special occasions. Real food that grows on trees, or in the soil, or is raised naturally and humanely in fields is optimal over "food products" with wrappers, labels and chemicals. We believe that you care about what you put in your body and if it were incredibly delicious and convenient you would opt for it over processed foods. It is that belief that motivates us to turn out some of the best fresh food in Rochester....every day!

Whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian or conscious carnivore we are sure to have something to please your palate. Our food cases in Pittsford and Webster are full of carefully selected a la carte items, all prepared deliciously and with clean, anti-inflammatory eating in mind. Mix/match your grains, veggies and proteins to create your own unprocessed, organ meals - or eat these smaller, individual portions as “feedings” throughout your day.

We call our food "Slow Food Fast." We make it fresh throughout the day from fresh, organic ingredients. Become one of our daily regulars who pick up dinner for the family and grab lunch for the next day at work. Your cells will SING!

Real Food. Every day.

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