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Licensed Massage Therapist Lynn Mazzeo has been taking care of breathe® customers with healing hands since 2004. Whether you are a regular client or just passing through you will want to take the time to treat yourself.

breathe® signature massage
50 min: $85 / 90 min: $130 / 120 min : $170
Your massage therapist will discuss with you any preferences, injuries, stress patterns, or areas of concern in order to deliver a customized massage to relax, energize and restore your body. The therapist may combine several techniques to give you an experience that is unique for your particular needs. Modalities that may be utilized may include swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and reflexology.

breathe® ultimate
75 min: $110
Pamper yourself in our most luxurious combination of treatments. Enjoy herbal heat packs, a full body Swedish massage, Arcona body products for your hands and feet (enhanced with heated mitts), customized aromatherapy and hot stones for the neck and shoulders.

hot stone massage
60 min: $95
Full body massage using smooth heated basalt stones and luxurious oils. The heated stones penetrate tired muscles and help induce a deeper sense of relaxation.

pregnancy massage
50 min: $80
Performed with special bolstering tailored for the comfort of the expectant mother. This massage helps ease neck, shoulder, back and hip pain, stress on weight bearing joints.

50 min: $75
Based on an ancient Chinese therapy, reflexology involves manipulation of reflex zones in the hands and feet that correspond to other parts of the body. Soothing pressure is applied to the hands and feet, stimulating nerve, blood and energy flow promoting relaxation, balance and healing.
(not recommended for pregnant women)

lymphatic drainage
90 min: $140
Light rhythmical movement, with precise speed, pressure and direction of hands. This technique promotes the movement of waste matter aiding in the detoxification of the body, useful to boost immune system, improve circulation, reduce cellulite, decrease puffiness and fluid retention, and reduce stress and fatigue.

massage add-ons
Enhance your massage with therapeutic essential oils personally customized to fit your needs.

hot towels
Let your muscles unwind with the added benefit of our soothing, steaming towels.

$40 (add 30 min to treatment)
East meets West when this ancient Chinese healing system is added to any of our massages.

hot stones
Add pampering hot stones to the area of your choice (neck, back arms or legs).

To make an appointment, call 585.248.9070
Please give us 24 hours if you need to cancel your appointment so that we can book someone else.

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