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yoga etiquette

The yoga environment at breathe® is open, friendly and supportive. We value each student and do our best to create a community where everyone is encouraged to have their best personal yoga experience. To make that experience possible in a group setting, we ask that you be mindful of some basic yoga etiquette.


Please arrive for class 10 minutes early. This gives you time to park, get signed in and settled for class. Generally, anyone coming ten minutes after class has started will not be permitted into the yoga room.

Please turn cell phones and pagers OFF or SILENT. A cell phone on vibrate can be as disruptive as a phone with the ringer on.

Please leave shoes, coats and bags in the coat area. You can bring your purse/keys/wallet up to the yoga room.

You are welcome to bring a water bottle to class, but we ask that you do not bring cups of water or other beverages. The instructor moves throughout the room during class and spilling a cup of water is a disruption to the whole class.

Please talk to your instructor about any pre-existing physical condition, old sports injuries or health concerns that might be relevant to your yoga class. Teachers will do their best to provide modifications to suit your needs.

Please let the instructor know if you need to leave class early — and then please do so quietly.

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